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Simply Gifted

When it comes to gift giving, being mindful about your gift choice, and how it might be appreciated and utilized by the recipient, can make the process of gift giving a more meaningful happy experience for both the giver, and the receiver. Half the fun of receiving a heartfelt present is knowing someone you care about took the time to consciously think about you, and what might make you happy. On the flip side, when you get to see the look of joy on someone’s face when they receive your present, you get to keep some of that joy too. During the holidays there is not always a lot of time to consider what to gift to someone. Consider that your gift is from you, not about you. How much money you spend is not relevant. Gifts like sharing your love, encouragement, an experience, and being present, are free and unconditional. You can give these things not just during the holidays, but all year-round. The best gifts in life are usually free and from the heart. Begin to think about your special someone’s interests or passions. What makes them tick, what lights them up, and what brings a smile to their face? When you are mindful about what you give, you are more likely to make good choices, and the giver, as well as receiver, can be rewarded in beautiful and unexpected ways.

7 Super Awesome Tips for Thoughtful Giving

1. Memorable Memories

Gather mementos such as pictures, newspaper clippings, or awards from your special someone’s life. Turn them into a scrapbook, memory box, or a digital or paper album to help remind them of about special times together.

2. Life Lessons

Find out what your person is interested in and what they find inspiring. Give your time to help share your knowledge, or, invest in a lesson or class such as cooking or yoga for them which can lead to self-discovery.

3. Heartfelt Handmade

Creating or buying handmade presents can help you give a gift that is as unique as the person it is intended for, and helps support the artist too.

4. A Mindful Journal

Giving a lovely journal to a friend or loved one for daily writing practice can be a terrific way to support finding a fresh perspective on life.

5. An Experience to Remember

Treat that special someone to an experience they will treasure. Think about something, or some place, they would like to explore such as painting, a day of hiking then lunch at a fabulous restaurant, or a fantastic theatre production.

6. A Happy Hamper

Choose a selection of items that help nourish the body and soul. Tailor and theme your choices to your loved one’s tastes, personalities, age and personal preferences. Baskets for the foodie, yogi, reader, or spa lover in your life will be well received.

7. Simply Sponsor

Sponsoring a child, or the welfare and upkeep of an animal, gives back and can bring a lot of joy to both the gift giver and receiver. Moreover, many charities provide sponsors with certificates, photos, and updates to help keep them posted on the impact of their donation.

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