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My Super Awesome Life Podcasts are here! Join us as we dive into current affairs, trending issues, and learn how to cultivate a positive mindset through uncertain times. Listen as I discuss strategies to cross safely into new beginnings, explain how to embrace change, not fear it, and share ideas and inspiration to view life from a "glass half full" perspective.  The first three episodes of the My Super Awesome Life Podcast are now available wherever you listen to your podcasts. I invite you to have a listen and leave a rating and review on your preferred platform.   

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Listen to Jane Enright interview on BBC Radio Northampton


Jane joined Bernie Keith on BBC Radio Northampton to discuss her book, Butter Side Up, positivity, and navigating change.


Listen to Jane Enright talk with Sunni & Hayes on 102.9 K-Lite


Listen while Jane shares her story and discusses her new book, Butter Side Up: How I Survived Most Terrible Year & Created My Super Awesome Life. Learn how you can adopt Jane's OMG™ approach to successfully navigate unplanned change in your life - including a pandemic, and land butter-side up with a fresh, new, storyline.

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Listen to Jane on THRIVE Podcast


Listen while Jane as she sheds light on everything from "toxic positivity" to her specific strategy for handling life's "Oh My God" moments that happen quickly and unexpectedly.

Super Awesome Workout Tunes

Blast these tunes to make your quarantine workout super awesome!

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Super Awesome Get Up & Move Tunes

Tunes to get you up off the couch and move your body!


Super Awesome Relaxing Tunes

Take a break, grab a cup of tea and find a peaceful place to get lost in these super awesome relaxing tunes.


Super Awesome Motivational Tunes

Tunes that give you an extra dose of motivation in your day!


Super Awesome Tunes To Take a Walk To

A great way to add some movement into your quarantine days is to take a walk outside. Grab your headphones, a comfy pair of shoes and listen to this playlist as you reach your daily step goal.


Super Awesome Cleaning Tunes

Throw this playlist on, grab the broom and break a sweat while cleaning your house!