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My Super Awesome Podcast & Tunes

My Super Awesome Life Podcast is here!
Utilizing her experience as a change management expert, Jane Enright sits down to discuss all things related to dealing with planned and unplanned change. Jane draws on her vast experience navigating the world of uncertainty and dives into topics pertaining to current affairs, trending issues, and personal interests. She will help motivate you as you embark on new beginnings and discuss  ideas to ensure you are viewing life from a "glass half-full" perspective. I invite you to have a listen and leave a rating and review on your preferred platform.   

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Listen to Jane Enright interview on The Culture Buzz
JButter Side Up: How I Survived My Most Terrible Year and Created My Super Awesome Life by Jane Enright is her "edutainment for the soul" and one of the best inspirational memoirs to delve into.


Listen to Jane Enright interview on The Sample Chapter Podcast

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Listen to Jane Enright interview on The Entrepreneur Ethos Podcast
Jane and Jarie talk about the importance of deciding to step back and inventory your strengths, cultivate resilience, and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.


Listen to Jane Enright interview on Desperately seeking self podcast
Jane talks about how to create happiness in your life - and it starts with accepting change. She talks with host Brooke Collins about the power of self-love on hard days, and how to use change as an opportunity to take an inventory of your life and move toward what brings you joy. 


Listen to Jane Enright talk with Sunni & Hayes on 102.9 K-Lite


Listen while Jane shares her story and discusses her new book, Butter Side Up: How I Survived Most Terrible Year & Created My Super Awesome Life. Learn how you can adopt Jane's OMG™ approach to successfully navigate unplanned change in your life - including a pandemic, and land butter-side up with a fresh, new, storyline.

The first step to getting somewhere is to decide you are not going to stay where you are.

Listen to Jane Enright interview on Owning It: The Anxiety Podcast
 In this episode she shares her story with me, and how she handled the anxiety that went along with such traumatic incidents as well as how we can better process the things in life that happen that we do not see coming, so that they don't swallow us up.

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Listen to Jane on THRIVE Podcast


Listen while Jane as she sheds light on everything from "toxic positivity" to her specific strategy for handling life's "Oh My God" moments that happen quickly and unexpectedly.

Other Podcast Recommendations


Listen to The Mental Illness Happy Hour
Listen to this incredible podcast by Paul Gilmartin for some motivation on a positive mindset.

"A perversely safe place in which he and his guests talk about their fears, addictions and traumatic childhoods." - NY Times "Normalizes what so many others feel but have been too fearful or ashamed to express...remarkable" - Psychology Today "A vital, compassionate gem that fills a desperate and under-addressed need in our society." - Esquire "Gilmartin makes a conscious effort to explore stories that aren’t black and white" - Slate Magazine "Praised by listeners all over the world" - Atlantic Monthly

Super Awesome Workout Tunes

Blast these tunes to make your quarantine workout super awesome!

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Super Awesome Get Up & Move Tunes

Tunes to get you up off the couch and move your body!


Super Awesome Relaxing Tunes

Take a break, grab a cup of tea and find a peaceful place to get lost in these super awesome relaxing tunes.


Super Awesome Motivational Tunes

Tunes that give you an extra dose of motivation in your day!


Super Awesome Tunes To Take a Walk To

A great way to add some movement into your quarantine days is to take a walk outside. Grab your headphones, a comfy pair of shoes and listen to this playlist as you reach your daily step goal.


Super Awesome Cleaning Tunes

Throw this playlist on, grab the broom and break a sweat while cleaning your house!

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