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Travel Stories

How we spend our time can make the difference between an ordinary life, and an extraordinary one. Consequently, we can often feel torn about how to spend our free time. When considering how to spend your time, you may want to ask yourself “how will this choice add to, improve, or enhance my storyline?” By understanding that change is a vital part of a fulfilling life, you can start to seek out experiences that bring you fulfillment, growth, and inspiration. 


In his new book Time and What to Do with It, author James Wallman talks about three approaches to vacationing: Fly and Flop, Find and Seek, or Go and Become.  After a lot of significant change, I chose to spend my time on a vacation with all three elements; I travelled for 2 months with my two sons to San Francisco, Hawaii, New Zealand, Fiji, and Australia.  It was an amazing adventure with incredible experiences, and we made some wonderful memories that will last for a lifetime. 


In our Travel Bliss pages you will find...

  • Stories and ideas about travel destinations to inspire your storyline

  • Where to Stay, Play, Dine and Shop to enhance your experience

  • Tips and Tricks to make your journey super awesome

  • A healthy helping of humour to have fun along the way

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