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Six Super Awesome Ways to Love Your Brain!

Published by: Jane Enright, CEO of My Super Awesome Life Inc.


Women laughing while doing yoga

Good Words = Good Vibes

Good words empower us to bring good things to our lives. One way to do this is with affirmations. Repeating positive affirmations is empowering our minds—this is because what we verbalize can bring goodness into reality. Statements such as “I am successful” creates confidence, “I am prosperous” creates opportunities to explore ways to generate income, I am choosing happiness gives us permission to feel good and overcome obstacles.

Choosing positive language to describe our thoughts, feelings and emotions can help us better manage stress and respond, rather than react to situations ---in turn these balances our mental and emotional health. Positive self- talk such as “My thoughts are my friends and help me make good choices”, or “ I am being kind and gentle with myself” are simple ways to allow in the opportunity to think more optimistically in an uplifting way with our thoughts and manage stressful situations.

Stay Connected

Staying socially connected with people that encourage us nurtures our well being. This helps our brains and our minds stay positive, feel comfortable, and stimulated in a healthy way. Volunteering, teaching a class, joining a book club, taking up a hobby with like minded individuals are meaningful ways to bring joy into your life and create a sense of belonging.

Heads Up

According to Brain Canada, every 3 minutes an individual in Canada suffers a Traumatic Brain Injury. Love your Brain and reduce your risk of injury by wearing a seat belt, using a helmet when playing contact sports, skiing, or riding a bike.

Be Mindful

Focusing on being present with yoga, mediation, and a nature walk are great ways to give our minds a rest and press the reset button for positive thinking.

Challenge Your Mind

Challenge and activate your mind in a healthy way by learning a new language, writing, taking an art class, playing an instrument, playing cards, cooking, doing a jigsaw puzzle, playing board games, or working on a carpentry project. Creative activities feed the brain with healthy creative flow to our minds, support clarity, and problem- solving skills.

Relax & Rejuvenate

Balance between work, rest and play benefits our brain big time! Taking time to stop and smell the roses, celebrate successes great and small, and practicing gratitude helps us love ourselves and love our brain. Be good to your brain--say thank you by giving it ample rest, napping, fresh air, and kind thoughts.

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Stay Super Awesome,


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