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Creativity is intelligence having fun.

I believe we all have an innate ability to be creative. Whether it be cooking, gardening, writing, art, dance, music, photography, we all have gifts that help us shine and contribute to our well-being.

Looking to boost your creative intelligence?

Today's Jane's Jam

*Remind yourself that creativity is not a passive process

Make time to be creative each day. The more often you utilize your skills and talents, the more your creativity will flourish.

*Surround yourself with inspiration.

This can include words, people, places and experiences that light you up and bring bright ideas.

*Include the colour blue in your surroundings.

Research has shown that the colour blue encourages people to think outside the box, It also enhances feelings of tranquillity and inspiration.

The next time you are trying to find some inspiration include the colour blue to see if it promotes creativity.

How do you promote creativity in your life?

Have fun, be creative, and stay super awesome!



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