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Super Awesome Inspiration

We all have times when we must dig deep to get through the day, carry on, and carry forward, or even get out of bed. When you are going through change, sometimes it is difficult to find the balance you need to push the reset button and see the glass half-full rather than half empty.  This segment of My Super Awesome Life is dedicated to inspiring; 


  • Clarity of thought so you can find answers when you need them

  • Strength to handle things when they are upside down, not right side up

  • Courage to advocate for yourself and others in difficult situations

  • Strength to help you let go when all you want to do is hold on, and help you hold on when all you want to do is let go

  • Stories and ideas to help you find balance and fun in your life

  • Encouragement to believe in yourself and keep moving forward, so you can make your ideas happen and come out a winner in the game of life

Love and Mojitos neon writing
Short Morning Meditation to Focus on Cultivating Positivity | Mindful Movement

Short Morning Meditation to Focus on Cultivating Positivity | Mindful Movement

Before you even get out of bed in the morning, you can set your intentions for a great day. This morning meditation will guide you to focus on cultivating positivity in under 10 minutes. Meditation written and read by Sara Raymond Music Credit: Peace Within by Zen Royalty Free Music @jasonstephensonmeditation Do not listen while driving. Meditation and mindful movement are powerful tools to support you. This is not a substitute for medical care. Consult a doctor or trusted health professional if needed. --------------------------------------------- RESOURCES: MEMBERS OASIS: Unlimited access to all AD FREE Mindful Movement Content RECORDINGS: Purchase your favorite recordings from the Mindful Movement for download --------------------------------------------- Free Programs FREE New Beginnings Personal Retreat: A body, mind, spirit approach to creating and actually achieving your goals. 21 day Movement and Meditation Commitment Program. Start NOW! 7-day Foundations of Meditation Course: --------------------------------------------- Workshops & Courses Six Week Move and Meditate for Self-Care Program: BUILD SELF-WORTH: RELEASE ANXIETY: REGAIN CONFIDENCE: HEALING HYPNOTHERAPY: --------------------------------------------- 1:1 Sessions PERSONALIZED HYPNOTHERAPY with Sara: PERSONALIZED EXERCISE AND LIFESTYLE PROGRAM DESIGN with Les: --------------------------------------------- MORE FROM THE MINDFUL MOVEMENT: ๐Ÿ™ The Mindful Movement is happy to provide these meditations, podcasts, and videos free of charge. We don't ask for anything in return but if you wish to make a donation, please know that whatever you offer will be received with much gratitude. Connect with The Mindful Movement community of like-minded people on Facebook. And on Instagram #morningmeditation #mindfulness #meditation

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