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Jane's Travel Accessory Picks

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Dear Readers,

I’ve travelled extensively for both work and pleasure and have discovered a few favourite travel accessories along the way that have made my journey more comfortable and enjoyable. Below are a few ideas for every budget to help you plan your super awesome trip:

1. Beats Noise Cancelling Headphones Get your 40 winks with these noise cancelling headphones; especially super awesome on planes and trains with unhappy children.

2. Compact Carryon’s When purchasing a carryon you need to consider the size, weight, and wheels on the bag.

  • Size matters because you want to meet all airline requirements, especially if flying with a discount airline. Typical measurements for a carry-on are 22x14x9.

  • You want the lightest bag possible so that you can fill it to the brim without going over-weight and getting charged.

  • Four wheels is great for navigating airports, 2 wheels is good for fitting into overhead bins. Personally, I like a 4 wheel drive over 2 wheel,  but that’s just me.

Best carry-on brands in each category:

Lightweight: Delsey Under-seat: Travel Pro Soft-side: Travel Pro Hard-Shell: Samsonite International: Briggs and Riley Wheeled Duffel: E-bags Best Carry-On Backpack: Osprey

3. Cell Phone Stand Consider a cell phone stand so you can watch movies on that long flight or train ride. I like the Pet Pig because it is the best one and it only costs .99cents per piece - such a deal!

4. Shacke-Pak Packing Cubes Super awesome tool for carryon’s that can help you organize and find items super fast.

5. The TRTL Travel Pillow A super cool and super convenient travel pillow you can adjust for upright sleeping - genius!

6. iClever Boost Cube This best selling travel charger features two USB ports with 24w/4.8A power and allows you to charge two devices at once. It’s compact, recognizes any device, and is compatible with most smartphones or tablets.

7. Etek it’s Digital Luggage Scale Take the roulette wheel out of packing and skip surprises at the airport with this lightweight, digital luggage scale.

8. Zero Grid Neck Wallet Keep the pick pockets at bay with this lightweight, affordable, practical neck wallet. Great for minimalist travellers and students in hostels where there might not be a safe place to store valuables.

9. The Zoppen RFTD Blocking Travel Wallet Trifold design allows you to hold your passport, currency, credit cards, SIM card and phone securely.

10. Kitidine Trial Size Toiletry Bottles I have travelled around the world with these super awesome leak proof TSA approved toiletry bottles and they really work!

Best wishes for a super awesome trip! Jane🤗

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