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No More Sleeps; It’s TIFF Time!

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Dear Friends and Family.

No more sleeps- it’s TIFF Time! Today is the first day of the Toronto International Film Festival, or TIFF as it is affectionately known- and I am a HUGE fan! Its also our 5th anniversary. Five years ago, today, I arrived in Toronto at 12:30pm for a movie with my TIFF sisters and we had so much fun we didn’t check into our hotel until 4:30am- the next day! Our TIFF time together has become a wonderful tradition that we look forward to every year; we have so many fun memories! I’d love to share more on this subject, but TIFF is like Vegas; what happens at TIFF, stays at TIFF, and we pinkie swore on it.

What I can tell you is that this year’s itinerary is shaping up nicely. For me, TIFF time kicks off with the TIFF Industry Conference and keynote Ron Howard. Yes, the Ron Howard! Who knew little Richie Cunningham from Happy Days would become one of the most successful filmmakers of all time! A few years ago, the keynote was Glenn Close (remember Fatal Attraction?), and I was fortunate enough to dialogue with her. I was in the audience and chosen to ask a question. I asked her if she could not be an actress, what would she be? She thought earnestly for a moment (as only Glenn Close can do), and replied, “Great question! I would probably do something with animals. I am an introvert and animals are so genuine and peaceful.” A very genuine answer from an incredible actress indeed.

There are tons of noteworthy movies this year and some super awesome star power at the festival too. First up on my dance card is I Am Woman, (The Helen Reddy Story), followed by Just Mercy with Jamie Foxx, Bre Larson and Michael B. Jordon about justice, (or lack thereof), in America. Also on deck is A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood, (the Mr. Roger’s story), with Tom Hanks, and Hustlers with Jennifer Lopez. All have premieres the first weekend so odds are we should catch some celebrities at the Q and A afterward.

TIFF TIP of the Day: If you’re a rookie you may not realize that many films, including all Premiere and Gala presentations, have a Question and Answer after the film with the director and or cast member.

However, many times I have been at a regular screening and seen some big names come out and chat including Claire Foy, George Clooney, Andrew Garfield, and Bradley Cooper. I’ll be at the festival all week including Press and Industry screenings so I will keep you posted.

Remember, TIFF isn’t just about the movies; it’s the party too! This year thanks to my super awesome friends we are dining at Louix Louis at the St. Regis hotel and The Chase on Temperance, and after parties at who knows where next. OMG look at the time, I must finish coordinating my wardrobe!

Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Tiff Talk later…


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