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First Day, First Class, Best Flight Ever!!!

Updated: May 8, 2020

Dear Friends and Family,

So I get to the airport to start my super awesome trip and things are going as usual- long line ups, Air Canada changes my flight because of the 737 crisis, cranky people, arduous customs clearance, no sleep, you know; the usual airport stuff. Everything is going according to Hoyle.

I am shoulder to shoulder with hundreds of early morning passengers waiting in their zones and I don’t know what zone I am in; I have lost my boarding pass while waiting over an hour to get a coffee and a bagel.

Everyone in line is, of course, is giving me the evil eye as I push through the crowd to the desk- there’s no way I am missing this flight, or space for my carefully packed carry on bags. I need my pass and my seat.

I ask the flight attendant where I am sitting (I can’t remember, I think it is row 8...a seat with some extra legroom). Then he tells me my seat has been reassigned too. Now of course I am ready to give him an earful, but then he kindly asks me if I am ready to board now and if I would like a hand with those cumbersome carryons. I look over my shoulder at all the people glaring at me; and then it happened...he says:

“It’s okay Ms. Enright, you are in seat 8A- by the window in our Business Class cabin, is that suitable? You have priority boarding".

I am stunned. Air Canada the airline I love to hate has changed my seat and I am suddenly flying FIRST CLASS-to San Francisco!!! What are the chances of that??? I have my own pod with a lay-flat seat, a desk, a gourmet breakfast, and wine tasting- all starting at 7:39 am EST and it’s only the first day!! This is First Class with a capital F!!!

Just so you don’t think I am messing with you I asked my super awesome flight attendant Donna to snap a few pics of me enjoying my pod. This is definitely a sign it's going to be a super awesome trip!

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