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Fall forward into the future

As we journey through fall, many people begin to reflect on the year that was. We consider our successes, our challenges, what we want to embrace, and what we want to steer clear of now and into the new year.

Usually, obstacles are considered something to avoid. This is because obstacles can seem so discouraging. We often assume challenges can lead to negative outcomes. However, obstacles and challenges can also be beneficial.

Overcoming fear of failure and making mistakes can reveal new ideas and open up opportunities to learn. Taking risks can push us to think out of the box, acquire new skills, and accomplish more than we ever dreamed possible.

As you ponder your goals, consider that failure does not have to be the opposite of success; it can be a part of it. Turning challenges into knowledge can be the lessons and stepping stones toward future success. Having Embracing challenges can support us to fall forward, not backward, and help us fall into the future so we can land butter-side up in the game of life.

Need some inspiration? Check out Denzel Washington’s Fall Forward video motivational video--love this!

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