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Chatter That Matters

First a big Happy St Patrick's Day this Friday to all my family, friends, readers, followers, and the world at large.

What an exciting week! I am honoured, and thrilled, thankful, and happy be a guest on Tony Chapman's super awesome radio show and podcast Chatter That Matters sponsored by RBC this Friday March 17th (St. Patrick's Day), at 12:00pm EST on 1010 CFRB and Bell Media affiliates across Canada!

Chatter that Matters counters the relentless storm of negativity in our society by sharing inspiring stories and life lessons that celebrate positivity and possibility. Tony touches a myriad of topics including the future of our cities, healthcare, education, work, space travel, privacy, small business and our economy. HIs broadcasts uncover life lessons that we can apply to help us get to where we need, want, and deserve to go.

Join Tony and me as we discuss landing Butter Side Up after the impossible, and chat about how to find joy, successfully manage change, build resilience, and create new beginnings and fresh starts after the unexpected happens to us. Please click the link to access all radio stations across Canada and his incredible podcast Chatter That Matters to have listen and be inspired!

I hope this podcast inspires you to look on the bright side and cherish each day! Looking forward to hearing your feedback and stay super awesome!

Warmly and with gratitude,


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