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Ask and Expert
Ask a Life Coach and Personal Development Speaker
Scott Madore
Scott Madore

As a Personal Development Speaker and Life Coach, I take great pride in my ability to help and inspire others.

I enjoy motivating people not just to take action but also to create lasting change in their lives.

We can work together to get you to step beyond your current state and into your full potential.


I’m also the radio personality of the “It’s Complicated Show” on 960 AM. A live weekly broadcast, on topics surrounding self-improvement and relationships.


I look forward to being your mentor and trusted guide. We are in this together.

For bookings and coaching please contact us at or visit us on



Top Five Tips to Kickstart Your Personal Development



1) The point of life is progress, not perfection.  So get started on something that you enjoy right now!


2) Have the courage to be who you really are and not what anyone else wants you to be.  You are living your life for you, not for them.


3) Stop asking "What is the meaning of life?" and start asking "What is the meaning of my life?"  Then, you will have your answer, as it applies to you.


4) What each of us need is silence enough to hear that voice within us that is trying to point us in the direction of our purpose.  Allow yourself the peace, if even for just a few minutes each day, to go to this place.


5) You don't have to be great at something. You only have to get started at it. Greatness comes with perfecting your craft over time.

Ask a Divorce Specialist
Andrea Klein
Andrea Klein

Andrea is a member of the National Association of Divorce Professionals and a Certified Divorce Specialist. She is passionate about bringing together professionals from various professional backgrounds in order to give her clients the resources they need to have a ‘holistic’ divorce experience by engaging with the right professionals at the right time in their journey.


Divorce Coaching, combined with a “holistic” team approach, can provide the opportunity can help you learn how to work with your lawyer so that a productive outcome may be achieved on your behalf and you can be the author of your divorce, and life.


Andrea’s 12-week online program called The Mindful Divorce Method, combines education, communication, support and self-care with an online group coaching component to promote an overall healthy transition into a new and positive life beyond divorce. For more information, please e-mail Andrea at:



10 Tips To Reduce Costs During Your Divorce

#1 Prepare your financial disclosure

Financial disclosure is a big part of the legal process of separation and divorce. Making sure that your income taxes are up-to-date and you have recent income information is a great place to start.


#2 Have a discussion with your spouse before speaking to a lawyer

If you and your spouse are still on speaking terms, discussing the issues in advance can help narrow the issues. Even something as simple as making sure you and your spouse agree on the separation date can be extremely helpful to work out at the outset.


#3 Write out your Story.

No matter which legal process you are engaged in, it is important to have the facts of your case available. Key elements you want to include are the full names and dates of birth of all parties and children, key dates of events (date of marriage, date you started living together, date of separation), the city you reside in, and a brief summary of your relationship and the events leading up to separation.


#4 Educate yourself on the processes involved in divorce.

There is a plethora of information available on the different processes available to resolve the issues in dispute, beyond just going to court, such as mediation, arbitration, collaborative negotiation. Learn what the processes available are, so you can make an informed decision.


#5 Have a support person available with whom you can discuss the details of your case

Not only will this save you money, but it will save your sanity too. This is someone you trust implicitly – it can be a family member, a friend, or a coach. This is the person who is in your corner; who can be your sounding board, and who you can bounce ideas off of, and who will offer unconditional support and listen to you vent when things are going south.


#6 Engage the right professionals at the right time

Knowing which professionals to engage is essential to having a successful divorce. A Divorce Coach or therapist can work with you to help you process the emotional elements of your separation, so you don’t find yourself spending hours re-hashing life events at your lawyer’s office.


If you and your spouse have decided to sell your home, then you may consider hiring a real estate agent to help you determine the fair market value of your home. Not sure about the finances? Consult with a financial advisor to help you create a post-divorce budget. The cost of hiring another professional may seem counter-productive, but can actually save you a lot of money in the long-run.


#7 Keep communication with your lawyer clear, concise and to a minimum, where possible

Be careful to keep your communication clear, concise, to the point. Before sending e-mails to your lawyer, make sure the communication is necessary. Review the terms of your Retainer Agreement to make sure you know how much money your lawyer charges for communication.


#8 Find a lawyer who offers “unbundled services”

Traditionally, when you hire (or retain) a lawyer, they take on the case from beginning to end. You pay them based on their hourly rate,– which can add up quickly. There is another, less-costly option, called “unbundled services” to make legal fees more affordable. With unbundled or limited scope services, you keep control of your case and the lawyer offers help and advice only as requested by the client. For example, you can hire a lawyer to go to court for you, to help you prepare certain documentation.


#9 Establish a good working relationship with the Law Clerk

While a law clerk cannot give you legal advice, they can answer many procedural questions. For example, the law clerk can give you information about the legal process

your lawyer has chosen (i.e. timelines for completion of materials, what information the lawyer will require from you, etc.).


#10 Respond to all documentation requests in a timely manner

Make sure that you are gathering and providing the information requested by your lawyer as soon as possible, in order to avoid costly follow-up requests.

Ask Love Coach Lee-Anne








Meet Lee-Anne! She is a once divorced, now happily re-married 30-something who was matchmade herself! She is a professional matchmaker, accredited love coach and science-based dating expert. She has been coaching singles to find and create loving and lasting relationships, hosting singles events, and matchmaking for nearly a decade.

Lee-Anne's focus in the dating industry has always been to help singles change their beliefs and patterns around dating, get real about who they’re looking for (real love isn’t always how you think it should look) and devise a bespoke strategy for finding the love they desire.

She has shared her best tips about finding love during a global pandemic and some creative and fun virtual date ideas. You can check out her blog here for more science-based love and dating tips to help you find your match!

To learn more visit, follow her on Instagram @lovecoachleeanne or book a call with Lee-Anne at


Dating Boundaries During COVID


🗨️ Communicating in dating is hard, and especially now that COVID is an added layer!

I am getting a lot of questions lately around 🤷‍♂‍ how to communicate boundaries during COVID dating.


✨ Here are some communicating tips for addressing COVID concerns and holding your boundaries so you feel safe.


👉 1 - Decide what your boundaries are around social distance dating BEFORE you go out on a date. Will you meet in person or 🖥️ virtually for a first date? Where will you meet; outdoors or indoors with a 😷 mask? Will you prefer to hold your 6ft distance even if you are physically attracted to the person (like at the end of the date when normally you might want to 💋 kiss)? Be clear on the WHY behind these boundaries, so you have no qualms around holding them.


👉 2 - On your dating profile, indicate what you’re comfortable with. “I’m up for an outdoor walk or a 🍹 drink on a patio if you are.” OR “I’m down with video dates & snacks!” This way it’s clear to potential matches where you stand from the start.


👉 3 - When meeting in person, share your boundaries at the beginning of the date. A good ✍️ script might be “Hey, it’s so nice to meet you, you look great. Just a heads up, I’m still practicing social distancing, so I will keep 6ft apart to stay safe. Thank you for understanding.”

The best ways to communicate, always, is to use “I” statements. It is genuine and 🥊 non-confrontational. All you have control over is yourself, and that is the only experience you can speak to and share. Sharing your needs or boundaries might feel strange right now (or in general). However, knowing your boundaries ahead of time and your ❓ why behind them will help you avoid regretful situations and fear, and still allow you to get out and meet new 💖 cute dates.

If you need some support with your current dating strategy, book a call with me, and I'll be happy to share my advice.

Top 10 Virtual Date Ideas

Dreaming of in person dates? Who says video dates have to suck?! Here are my top 10 creative video date ideas. Once you've had your first, what I call "zero" date, of a half an hour over video, and you would love to see your date again, here is some inspiration for your plans!

#1 - Takeout roulette. Check in for any allergies, but then Uber-Eats your date your favourite takeout dish for them to try and critique!

#2 - Have a ROSÉ, wine or beer tasting date. The liquor store and beer store deliver, so choose a few new things to try together.


#3 - Skillshare! There are a ton of fun free classes offered right now OR spend time teaching the other person one of your skills!


#4 - Get sweaty together! There are so many cool classes available online, log on together and then chat about it afterwards.


#5 - Take a virtual tour. The Smithsonian, the New England Aquarium and the Louvre all offer free online tours - hell, you can even have a ZOO date where you check in on the live animal cams (The San Diego Zoo is my favourite).


#6 - Go on a live scavenger hunt in your homes. Come up with cool ideas of things they can go find, and then chat about the backstory once found.


#7 - Plan your next "trip" together. It's always cool to find out how your date likes to travel. Pick a place you'd both like to visit one day and share the types of things you'd like to see and do.


#8 - Start a joint playlist (aka mixtape). Log into your Spotify accounts and each share one song at a time, sharing the backstory of why you love it, any memories it brings up, etc.


#9 - Take in a live comedy or drag show together! There are tons of these happening online right now, so choose a new comic or jump onto Drag Fest and have an evening of fun and smiles.


#10 - For those a bit more hip, have a TikTok dance challenge -and see who can catch on the fastest!


Remember, dating during COVID doesn't need to be difficult, it just takes creativity and openness.

Lee-Anne Galloway
Love Coach Lee - Anne Logo

Ask an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Debora Gemmell 








An Integrative Nutrition Health Coach takes a holistic approach to wellness by examining the five areas of nourishment; Relationships, Career, Spirituality (Primary), and Food and Physical Activity (Secondary).  Debora Gemmell is the founder and owner of Thrive! Wellness Solutions. She is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. She has studied cutting-edge dietary theories and highly effective lifestyle coaching techniques. A refreshing approach, her health coaching program looks beyond the food by exploring and healing the WHY behind food and lifestyle choices thereby guiding you to optimal health in the five areas of nourishment: Relationships, Work, Spirituality, Physical Movement, and Food. 


Fresh Starts, Food, & The Power of Forgiveness


How does the quality of my relationships affect my relationship with food?           


The quality of our relationships directly impacts the quality of our lives. The kind of people we attract or are attracted to and surround ourselves with, influences our perception, attitude, behaviours, and overall wellbeing. Learning to select healthy relationships, establish boundaries, and forgive past hurts are key to living well, including our relationships with food and our food patterns and choices.

 “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” – Charles R. Swindoll

When relationships are not nurturing us, many of us unknowingly turn to food for comfort. Some of us overeat to help distract ourselves from emotional pain. Sometimes when we overeat, we are not actually hungry at all. An imbalance in one or more of the primary areas of nourishment may trigger us to make poor food and lifestyle choices. Many of us are unfamiliar with our body’s signals. Resolving the WHY behind your choices and learning to understand our body's messages can help propel us towards wellness.

Forgiveness is an effective way to address and release uncomfortable feelings. Forgiving is not easy but if you are willing to no longer let past hurts control you, then perhaps it is time to consider forgiveness. Here are some tips to help move towards forgiveness:

  • Talk to your most trusted friends and family about your desire to heal the past. Sharing our hurts within our safe community diminishes the hurt and comforts us.

  • Write a letter to the person involved about what is upsetting you. You can decide whether or not you will send a letter to them. A cooling-off period might be a good idea so consider mailing the letter to yourself. See how you’re feeling when it arrives back in your mailbox. 

  • Try to see the situation from the other person’s perspective—your own perspective may change.

  • Clear your backyard first. Did you have a part in the conflict and can you own that?

  • Don’t forget to forgive yourself. Sometimes we can be harshest on ourselves.

  • Understand that you are responsible for your own attitude. Don’t let holding a grudge keep you from feeling free, open, and powerful in your own life. 

Try forgiving someone and watch to see if your relationship with food improves. The result could be a healthier, happier you! 

Are you ready to live your healthiest life yet? Want to change your relationship to eating? Let’s talk! Schedule an initial complimentary consultation with Debora today—or pass this offer on to someone you care about! 

To learn more visit E-mail  or phone 416.803.3697.

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