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I never had a slice of bread, Particularly large and wide, That did not fall upon the floor, And always on the buttered side! 

- James Payn

What We're All About...

Every day, all of us go through unexpected life events, “stuff” or game-changers. Sometimes this stuff can cause grief, stress, loss, depression, anxiety, stagnation, indecision, sadness, and make us question everything. On the flip side, unexpected change can also open doors, bring us joy, happiness, and excitement, offer new opportunities and experiences, usher in new love and friendships, and build faith, strength, hope, and courage we never knew we had. 


My Super Awesome Life is edutainment and mentorship for the soul. This website is all about landing butter-side up in the game of life. We offer a playbook approach with stories and a healthy dose of humour to inspire:

  • Strategies and know-how to successfully navigate unplanned change in your life

  • Clarity of thought so you can find answers when you need them

  • Courage to handle things when they are upside down and advocate for yourself and others in difficult situations

  • Strength to help you let go when all you want to do is hold on, and help you hold on when all you want to do is let go

  • Stories and ideas to help you find balance and fun in your life

  • Encouragement to believe in yourself and keep moving forward, so you can make your ideas happen and come out a winner in the game of life

Jane's Jam:

Inspiration To Create Your Super Awesome Life

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In 1994 I had the privilege to meet Peter Drucker; an expert in organizational Change Management. When I asked him for one piece of advice about life, he replied: “Jane, nobody likes a change except a wet baby.” That quote was an aha! moment for me. His words provided insight and inspiration to successfully launch a career as a creative problem solver, and helped me navigate change in my own life. 

When asked to describe ourselves, often the first things that come to mind are family, career, and interests. However, there is another fundamental factor that defines us; it’s the people who become characters in the stories of our lives. Sometimes, when something terrible happens, such as a devastating personal injury, life-altering illness, or the death of a main character, this makes us question everything.

Pam Crichton - Ten West Photography

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Discover Your New Storyline

Discover Your New Storyline

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